Why you must leave above your fear


Why you must leave above your fear

If you want to standout from the crowd, you must learn to live above your fear. Before we go further, First lets look at the meaning of fear.

Fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat.

Fear is one thing that is standing between you and your success, you know that point where you see the glorious future ahead (vision) but you are scared of taking the next step to that beautiful future , it might be you are scared of the unknown, fear of failing maybe due to past experience, uncertain about the future, wondering what will happen if you leave your present job not minding how stressful and how low your pay is.


When it comes to your relationship, you are having this fear of losing it one day,

thinking maybe one day you will no longer be attractive to your partner or the other way round, it might

be fear for your children, job, and academics e.t.c.

If you are afraid not to fail and then withheld yourself, trust me you will end up been miserable; you won’t be able to experience what it feels like to be in love because you are too scared to even begin such beautiful thing for the fear of the end of it when you’ve not even started, you will not be able to experience what you can do with your talent because you are scared of what the outcome might be

FEAR has destroyed so many persons and made them lose their worth but when you are able to face your

fear, you begin to see everything falling in right places for you, you will forget every failed project, failed relationship,failed

job because all your focus will be on success.

How To Overcome Your Fear

Be Determined

You must be determined to succeed,you failed in your past plan, that’s OK you must not get it right the first time you just need to be unstoppable no matter the failure and continue to thrive till you get there. No man was born with perfection we all work to get it right so don’t be discouraged.

Someone might not like your plans, presentation, and what your ideas are, don’t get scared or start doubting your ability,

or questioning your talent/gift because most people will never believe in your raw material until they see the finish point

of it just like as many won’t recognize raw gold until it’s polished.

Do not let the discrimination of others stop you. It’s OK to fail but with determination you will continue to push till you get it right.

Your Background shouldn’t be a factor:

Most persons judge themselves by their background, maybe because they are not from a wealthy home or they are from a family who does not believe in them, in this case you have to believe in yourself, don’t allow your poor background stop you form dreaming big, and also stop you from working hard, rather it should be your motivation.

Stay Positive:

When others say it can’t be done always remain positive, relax, check that issue over and over again till you see a positive means, don’t run away from problems stop every negative thoughts, there will be trials but always tell yourself that you are unstoppable, that you are totally equipped with solution for every problems.

No matter your fear you can overcome it by living above it, never give yourself to what others think,

about you. what you think about yourself is far more important.







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