March 28, 2020
How to Overcome Depression when it comes


How to Overcome Depression when it comes
How to Overcome Depression when it comes

A lot of people everywhere around the world go through stress and hard times and this brings about depression,

in most case, there is nobody they can cry to, and that lives them to either face the challenges they have by any means or let the problem have the best of them.

Depression has been one of the major causes of death around the world, as it’s a common illness worldwide.

Depression most times can lead to suicide. Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year.

                                  Now, what is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder, it affects how you feel, think and behaves and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Nobody was born with depression, it came about as a result of people having hard times and not having help at their time of needs, this brings about sadness and loss of interest on things that use to amaze them, and thereby making things for them go out of hands.

One of the quickest ways to get depressed is when you do a lot of things and they all refuse to work.

You have a little or big problem on your head, you sit down to think of a way out, you plan what next to do

and you execute only to find out that your plans did not work.

You have a big problem on your hands, you sit down to think of a way out, you plan what next to be

done and you execute only to find out that your plans did not work.

This alone can make your malfunction, or better still make you feel like losing your mind.

Types of Depression

Major Depression

Major depression is sometimes called major depressive disorder; it involves low mood and loss of interest and pleasure in usual activities, as well as other symptoms. The symptoms are experienced most days and last for at least two weeks.


This is the term used to describe a severe form of depression where many of the physical symptoms of depression are present. One of the major changes is that the person starts to move more slowly.

Psychotic Depression

People with a depressive disorder can lose touch with reality and experience psychosis.

This can involve hallucinations ( seeing or hearing things that aren’t there) or delusion (False beliefs that aren’t shared by others), such as believing they are bad or evil, or that they are being watched or followed.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder used to be known as manic depression’ because the person experiences a period of depression and a period of mania, with periods of normal mood in between.

Mania is like the opposite of depression and can vary in intensity-symptoms include feeling great, having lots of energy, having racing thoughts and little need for sleep, talking quickly, having difficulty focusing on tasks and feeling frustrated and irritable.

Here are some best Ways You can Overcome Depression

Always Have The Big Picture In Mind

Yes hard times are going to come in a man’s life, but the question here would be, what will you do when those times come? would you kill yourself just because the problem is much on you,

No the most important thing to do when depression comes is to always see the big picture of who you are, and where you are going to.

when you see beyond your problems, you begin to see a reason to live and to win.

Believe In Yourself.

Believing in yourself is having Faith And hope that no matter what the case may be now you are coming out of it stronger and better.

when depression comes, the first thing it destroys is our hope that we can come out strong.

so whatever the case may be, always believe in yourself and everything will work out just fine.

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