how to make a unique first impression



 We all know that in general, first impressions matter. The first impression is even more important in business than in general. First impressions are created really quickly and bad ones can rarely be fully reversed.

The first impression you make on people’s mind is always remembered in good words so make sure you make an impressive and powerful first impression of yours.

The following tips can assist you in making a solid first impression

1. Appearance is key

Is your appearance everything?  Of course not. But it certainly helps your confidence

You don’t have to walk around all day in a suit and tie either. However, we are visual creatures and the well you look at first glance, the better your chances of leaving a positive first impression.

Don’t fight an uphill battle and rely on your witty joking and conversational skills to overcome your untidy clothes.

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You may be a smooth talker but if you look like a million bucks, not only will you feel like a million bucks, but other people will sense your status as well and be drawn to you much more than if you look like  you just finished running a marathon

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2. Watch Your Body Language and Behavior

Although very important, your clothes are not the only thing you are being judged on. Your body language and how you behave and converse are also very critical in creating your image.

The following tips can assist you in making a solid first impression

Wear Your Size To Your Style

  • Be on Time: prepare to arrive at an appointment early in case you run into any delays
  • Be Friendly: A winning smile creates a good first impression but don’t go overboard with it.
  • Communicate clearly: use good etiquette and offer a strong handshake.
  • Maintain eye contact: face the speaker

  • Greet people by their name: and enunciate your own name clearly
  • Ask question but listen as you talk: when speaking, project a strong voice. A bit of appropriate small talk can help keep a conversation going such as finding out something about them or their interests.
  • Be friendly with not just your main contact but everyone at the office: this includes others in the elevator, the decision maker’s secretary and the janitor. You never know who might be included in a key decision that affects your career

3. Be Polite And Welcoming

Mind your manners at all times. This may not seem like much, but remember to say ‘please’ or thank you’ is something that people respond to well. They are less likely to be dissatisfied if you are nice to them.

Also when people walk in, they want to be greeted, feel welcomed and accepted. You should do five things when meeting someone. Look at their eyes, give a firm handshake, greet them by name, say your own name slowly and clearly; and smile. This will show the other person that you are confident and positive.

4. Pay Attention

Being an active listener means understanding the person you are talking to before you try to have yourself understood. When the person is talking to you, listen properly. Even though it may not be something you are interested in hearing, everyone wants to feel heard.

5. By Picky About Your Words

Your selection of words says a lot about you, it shows whether a person is of sober and decent temperament or he is lousy and curt. So be very selective in picking up the words for conversing.

These are few things that are responsible for huge responses, it determines what kind of a person you are, the first impression decides for you whether you are going to stay in some one’s story or you will be forgotten.

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