how to get over your past
How to get over your past

Sometimes certain life events happen and make us feel really bad. While some of us are lucky enough to forget such past events quickly, others keep remembering them over and over and with each time they recall such events they feel even worse as they enter into an endless cycle of pain and regret.

There are many amongst us who can’t get over their past tough moments it’s not because time has not healed them up it’s because they themselves are not allowing the wound to get healed up.

You can’t forget about your past but you can change your present in such a way that makes you feel good whenever you remember those memories that used to make you feel bad.

Here I will would suggest to you some ways you can get over your past and move on. 

Identify the reality of your Brokenness.

Accept the reality that your life will never be the same as it was before your painful experience happened. Rather than worrying about trying to become finished and perfect in this life, focus on what you are going to do to make your future better.

Forgive and forget and get rid of the Anger

To really move on successfully it’s a must for you to forgive and forget, you won’t be able to forget until you forgive all that, to get over the fret it is so neccessary to forgive him/her or all that had happened. Do this for your own sake.

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Stop trying to change the past.

Accept the truth that what’s done is done, so you can’t change the past or undo the hurt from it. However, you can decide to live as well as possible notwithstanding your losses and pain, and you also can move onward into a new and better reality.

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Live the present and plan for your future

It’s time to live your present, live the moment whole-heartedly and besides that get yourself engaged in planning your future. Set some goals and work for them it’s time to make a fantastic future by making the best out of your present.

Crash the thought pattern that is related to your past, your past is not a place to live in, it has gone, absorb the lesson from it and only glance in there as a learned person who has now gone so far in his stunning present.

Respond to Guilt in Healthy ways

The remorse you feel about your past mistakes may lead you to either healthy or unhealthy outcomes. If you simply flounder in it, the guilt can turn into shame, making you feel that you’ve not only done something wrong, but that you are wrong and worthless as a person

How to Get Over Your Past quickly and move on


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