how do you make distance relationship work


how to make distanc relationship work
how to make distance relationship work

A lot of people say that distance relationship is not meant to last. Since you are not together, eventually your priorities change and you will come to a breaking point where you have no choice but to end the relationship altogether.

But what I think is that distance relationship could work, but only if the both of you do your share to make it work. It’s not going to be easy and you will get sad and lonely at times but you mustn’t give up.

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Making it work is tough no doubt but to keep the love alive, Here are some tips for you.

Visit Each Other

Visits are the highlight of your relationship. Even if you are doing everything else right but you don’t visit them, this could make things worse. You have to keep the spark alive by visiting them.

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If you can’t do that frequently, then do it from time to time.

Use Technology to Stay Connected

Long-distance relationships are easier now than ever before because we have technology to stay connected with our loved ones.

Texts, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, video chats are really helpful in keeping in touch. It is important that you use technology and share all important details of your life with your partner.

In your conversation with your partner give them details about your moves.

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Talk about what you ate, what you talked about and how that made you feel. It will help in making their day come alive.

Do Things Together.

Because you are not in the same room, it doesn’t mean you can’t do things together.

You must do some activities together like shopping online, watching a documentary on YouTube or playing a game online. This could be something both of you would look forward to doing.

Create Sexual Tension.

If you really want to keep the relationship strong, you must create sexual tension. Keep the flames burning by sending sexual texts and sexy puns.

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If you can see them over the weekend, then go take that trip to keep the sexual desire alive. Otherwise, they will eventually be inclined to have a sexual relationship with another person even if they don’t love them.

Develop a Ritual.

It would be great to have things that the two of you can share even when you are apart. This will make you feel even closer to the other person. For instance, both of you can go out and look at the moon together and as much creative as you can when developing a ritual’s.

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it will be these memories that you would like to hold on to forever.


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