strong presence and personality

How do I develop a Strong Presence and Personality

strong presence and personality
How to develop strong presence and personality

A strong presence and personality is when people notice you and talk about you.

It’s when you effortlessly demand attention where ever you go. You have that striking personality that is just unignorable.

Developing a good personality can help in your social life, in your home, and in guaranteeing a happier life in general.

By cultivating and nurturing an individual personality, it’s important to have the ability to build and develop strengths.

There are ways to build and develop a personality that truly reflects what you would like to be.

1. Learn Discipline

  • Don’t talk too much. Talk only when it’s needed.
  • Talk in a slow, understandable manner. And smile while talking.
  • Don’t laugh too much. This is important. Laugh only enough to maintain your self-respect. Too much laughing results in loss of respect and a good image.
  • Be confident. Don’t worry, this is not a cliché advice. I’ll tell you how. First of all, if a topic is under discussion, don’t just dive in just for the sake of seeming like a confident guy. People are intelligent enough to detect fake confidence. To be able to talk about the topic, read the news, blogs, be acquainted with the latest trends in politics, technology, and/or whatever interests you, beforehand. This way, you’d have a strong grip on the topic and you’d be able to discuss these in greater detail. And while discussing the topic, always acknowledge other people’s opinions and don’t criticize directly but also have a firm ground of your own opinions at the same time. While conveying a message, opinion, or speech, do a little homework beforehand.
  • Don’t lean forward while standing. Stand firm and straight with your chest wide open but wide enough to not be arrogant.
  • Maintain eye contact while talking. This may take practice. A word of caution though: this may vary depending on the culture you are in.
  • When it comes to making decisions, be very good at it. Do your homework beforehand and once you make a decision, stand by it. For that reason, do your homework well and take your time.
  • Have a passion for something extracurricular and be very good at it. For example, sports, music, etc.
  • Remember, focus is the key. Be a focused person. Have a laser-like focus. Again, this is not easy and requires practice and consistency.
  • Try to have a good sense of humor but don’t make jokes a lot. Remain serious but not to a greater extent. A good sense of humor is also important so don’t get this wrong.
  • Remember, remaining serious is a skill of its own. Read point 9 again. Focus will help you remain serious. Looking serious may also increase your image among the community.
  • While shaking hands have a firm grip. This is a very important personality trait.
  • Remember, good grammar is sexy.
  • Be enthusiastic and positive at the same time. Enthusiasm for negative things will lead you astray.
  • This one is the most important. Maintain a cool attitude in every situation and be very EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT.
  • Remember, manners maketh man. Ethics are everything.
  • Baggy pants are not for gentlemen. 😉
  • This one is important, develop an ability to listen to others. According to Dale Carnegie, the greatest conversationalist is the one who doesn’t converse more but listen to the other person more.
  • Speaking of which, read books, a lot of books. The one common pattern among all the successful persons is that they all read books.
  • Remember, failure is inevitable. Not giving up is the key. Never give up.

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2. Maintain Postivie Attitude

Be able to control not only your thoughts and actions, but also the order of your life. Distribute your own daily routine, begin to exercise, exercise, give up bad habits that have long plagued you. 

 Keep a diary that will help you become a serious person, and follow it. Paint your day, mark important events, and be sure to complete all your intended goals.

Scientists have long proved the fact that a person needs exactly 21 days for any occupation to become his habit. You need to overcome yourself in just three weeks, and you can enjoy the results throughout your life.

3. Confidently Stand Out

This means that we be able to stand out in a crowd if we believe we have valid but different opinions. Many of us want to blend in. Believe me, it’s actually easier but the world respects those who stand out.

Just be certain you aren’t just standing out to be a dick. There are many great reasons to stand out.

Also remember that when you stand out, feedbacks & criticisms would come. Know how to receive or work with/without them.

4.Share your opinion

Strong and logically based opinions are an expression of strong presence and personality. It shows that you listen to people carefully, you have basic knowledge and a certain attitude towards life. Telling your opinion loud and clear in today’s society can mean courage. And we all know what being courageous means today. If you don’t, it means being rare.

5.Bold and Confident

Whenever you meet people, talk and listen with confidence, be confident about yourself, and set high standards for yourself. Maintain proper eye contact with people and greet them with a firm handshake.

Looking directly at people has a tremendous advantage in making them important and feel valued.

Sometimes, whenever required be bold enough to stand up for what is right ( be it in office, family, among friends or social meetings) and voice your opinion.

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