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FIND YOUR STRENGTH! What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Find Your Strength! What kind of Entrepreneur are you


There are three basic types of Entrepreneur which include:

  1. Social Entrepreneur
  2. Lifestyle Entrepreneur.
  3. Serial Entrepreneur.

At this point, lets First  get a clear understanding on the 3 listed types of entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneur

This is an individual who pursues innovative solutions to social problems. A social entrepreneur adopts a style of which he/she can use to create and sustain social values.


Most social entrepreneurs engage in non-profit activities and are overwhelmed by social responsibilities and conscience. They are primarily motivated to improve socio-economic well being, educational, health, fundamental, environmental and health conditions of others.

In other Words social Entrepreneur is a person who Establishes an Enterprise with the aim of solving problems or effecting social change.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

This is an individual who creates profit from personal passion. He/she put their lifestyle ahead of every opportunity. While most entrepreneurs are motivated to build business to a certain stage and sell to shareholders or investors,

the lifestyle entrepreneur chooses to build a business they are passionate about and grow the business into a long term, residual income that is sustainable.

Most lifestyle entrepreneurs are completely self-employed, this is to allow them time to set up their projects. In a nut shell, a life style entrepreneur is an addict of whatever they find themselves doing, they do it so well, commit their time, resources and energy to see their project complete.

Serial Entrepreneur

This is an individual who CONTINUOUSLY come up with new ideas, start the businesses and often times sell to investors or shareholders. Serial entrepreneurs start up several businesses with little intention to operate any of them for a long time.

They are high risk takers with lots of unique ideas and are not always interested in a career with a particular business/company.

A serial entrepreneur will often come up with the idea and get things started, but then give responsibility to someone else and move on to a new idea and a new venture.

Of these mentioned 3 which do you belong to. Find your strengths!

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