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9 Skills Every Man Should Know and Improve on

9 skills every man should know/www.divyblog.comAs men, there is a certain level of responsibility and skills that are expected of us, and when we don’t know or have them things become a little jumpy.

Having these 9 skills every man should know will greatly improve your overall attractiveness.

Here is a list of Skills Every man should know And Improve On

Money management:

Money management is the most important aspect of a man’s life, It shows how matured and responsible you are if you can manage money properly.

A lot of men don’t know how to manage money and the importance of money Management and this has brought them,

to a point of not having anything to fall back on,

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because the money that came to them was misused, and not managed.

But if this aspect is worked upon, other things will follow naturally.

Clean Properly:

Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness, and cleaning is not meant for women alone it’s also the duty of a man to know how to clean not just the house,

but everything that is tied to you as a man.

A lot of men shy away from this responsibility and feels it’s the job of a woman,

but basically, it’s wrong Learning to clean properly is an asset any man can ever acquire.

Play an instrument:

As a man even if you are not musically inclined, knowing how to play at least one instrument is a handy skill to acquire.

Playing an instrument also boosts your coordination and concentration levels, among other health benefits.

Know How to iron:

A lot of men don’t know how to properly iron their clothes; they rely on others to do their ironing, which most times cost you more just to iron. There is a difference between using an iron to pass your clothes and properly ironing your clothes.

And this requires you learning how to properly iron, either by looking at someone who is good at it or telling them to teach you

Whichever ways its best as a man you learn how to iron your own clothes properly.

Perform a message:

There is more to manliness than just doing the rough and tough things. It’s necessary to be versed in the aptitudes of life, such as giving a message. Nothing can drive a woman wilder than she knowing, that the same hands that can slay a beer can also soothe and relax her aching muscles after a rough day.

Ability to diffuse conflict:

Conflict among people would always arise, but a real man will always try diplomacy and stern persuasion to calm down an escalating situation.

Knowing how to simmer tempers down or break up a fight makes you a leader.

Keeping Fit:

keeping fit is a skill. And if you want to live a long and healthy life it’s a skill you need to develop

Learn how to train different parts of your body, and also prepare or adopt a fitness plan and take action.

Knowing how to cook:

Cooking is not a job for women alone, it’s supposed to be for every human, knowing how to cook as a man would serve as an added advantage to your life and your partner


There you have it. The skills every man should know. Master these and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better man.

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