8 Things You Should Put In Place On Or Before 30

  • You must have completed your first
    degree course before 30. You must have at
    least one degree before 30, be it OND, NCE,
    DIPLOMA, BSC or B.A.
  •  Before age 30, you should have learnt one
    vocation or skills that will fetch you extra
    income when you eventually gets employed.
  •  This is a must before 30, you should have
    a bank account and ensure that it is funded
    and not empty.
  •  You should be able to carter for youself,
    know how to tidy your room and put things
    in order, you should be living in ur own, or
    beta still have your own room. You should
    also learn social and table etiquette. That will
    help you when you go out to social events.
  • You should be known for a specific thing, write it down, what would you be known for, great men are known for specific thing, have you began working on it, have you started doing something about it.
  • Document your financial goals

Failure to plan is planning to fail, you can never get to your financial future without a well written plan on how to get there, the more specific your goals are the better, your financial goal should be specific, measurable, achievable and a deadline attached to it.

  •  Tracking your expenses is one of the key factors in making your budget work for you. If you don’t know how much you spend every month, you can’t plan your financial future properly.
  • Be Independent :should take his/her decisions (with or without advice) – He/she should be his own oga in that department

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