6 Qualities Of A Good Leader


6 Qualities that makes one a good leader
6 Qualities that makes one a good leader

Qualities that makes one a good leader is not a function of your age,

A good leader is someone who has a unique quality in him, and also he’s ready to make a sacrifice for the people he’s leading.

He is the one who is smart at displaying the traits like Intelligence, acuteness, adaptability, flexibility and diligence etc.

A good leader is someone who over time has learnt leadership skills from a series of challenges and he’s now fit to lead.

Now let’s take a look at how to be a good leader

1. Be a good listener and an Excellent Orator

To be a good leader, you must be a keen attentive listener and you should be able to communicate effectively.

A leader should be able to interact with his or her members both vocally and non-vocally.

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2.Get to know your own style

To become a better leader first you need to understand yourself and your style, everyman create by God are create differently.

You must learn to discover your strength and also your weakness in order for you to improve on them.

3. A leader has to be a role Model

A Good leader must be a good Example for its member to reckon with, not a person who can’t stand on what he or she has said.

But must be firm with his decision and set the paces for others to follow.

4. Embrace Novelty, Innovation and creativity

To become a good leader one needs to be strong and fearless, and should naturally be creative and be resourceful enough to lead his or her team.

5. Be Positive And Passionate

A good leader should be optimistic and passionate because he is the one who will lead and guide the rest.  He is not supposed to be in doldrums rather he should be very enthused and buoyant.

6. Welcome the ideas of Others

A Good leader should always be welcoming and accommodating for the members, take your time to listen to them and welcome their creative ideas.

A leader forms the best team so you have to listen to their standpoints for making the best out of them as a leader.


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