5 ways to set your goal and achieve them

5 Ways To Set Your Goals And Achieving Them

5 ways to set your goal and achieve them
Ways to Set Your Goals and Achieve Them

The most fulfilling parts of successful people is in their setting of goals, and staying put to achieving them.

that’s to say your success factors depend strongly on the goals you set today.

One may as well ask what is goal, and why must we set one?

What are Goals?

A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve. People endeavour to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines

If you want to go succeed, you must first understand, that goal is an idea or a picture of where you want to be in few years from now.

you can only have a goal when you can see the future that is ahead of you.

Why Set Goals?

Its important to set goals, because goals are your blue prints to reaching your desired future that you have pictured in your subconscious mind, that you want to manifest.

So if you must stand out, you first need to have a goal and be committed to making sure your goals are been meant.

That been said lets get into business.

Here are things you should do to set your goals and achieve them

1. Design A Vision For The Goal you are Trying To Reach

The difference between where you currently are now and where you want to be in life is Time, and it will be wrong for you to just sit down and wait for time to come and meet you just like that.

Every man created has several deposit of passion and uniqueness in them, so instead of waiting for time which is the difference between you and where you wanna be, you should Design a vision For where you are trying to Reach, and run with that vision you have created.

2. Evaluate Where You Currently Are.

Before You decide to run with your goals, you need to first Evaluate yourself, check where you are now currently,because knowing your current state and place plays a large role in your goal setting.

You must also be sincere and honest with yourself about your current place,and now begin to take stock of where you where against where your goal have brought t kw if you are doing well at your goals or not.

3.Break Your Goals Into Small And Short-Term

Now that your brain might be sufficiently scared, it’s time to break those long term plans into short-term

You Must Be Realistic : your Goals must be compatible with your ability and skills

Your goal must be reachable within your time frame.

pair each goal with an action that would bring about you archiving your set goal.

Be flexible with your goals and don’t choke yourself trying to write down what you can’t archive, or because you see someone else is showing off with what they have archived

An example of a bad goal would be: Start cooking at home more. Instead you could say: Make a weekly meal plan and do meal prep on Sundays. Another example could be: Start meditating. Instead you could say: Start meditating for 10 minutes every day after work.

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4. Create the Board And Long-Term Goals

Broad and long-term goals are all part of your big picture and not something you’ll be able to accomplish tomorrow, they’re generally a year or more. If they are your dreams, they might even seem a little crazy. That’s OK In fact, if you don’t feel some sort of negative emotion you’re likely not pushing yourself enough.

Our brains were designed to be efficient and adapt quickly. As soon as you start asking it to look for things it’s not familiar with, it will start freaking out and causing negative emotions. Don’t listen to them and keep writing!

After this, begin thinking backwards from those big goals. What are the steps to get there?

5.Track Your Performance

If you must achieve your goals in life, its very much important that you track everything you do,most especially the goal you have written down, so you could get a clear picture on how far you have gone with your set goal.

In achieving your goal, you must be accountable for everything that happens and also be ready to work tirelessly to see that all your goals are been meant.

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