3 things that can keep you poor

3 Things That Can Keep You Poor

you can agree with me that most Families in Africa, still find it difficult breaking out of poverty,

It’s not that they are not hard working, but some factor of life and mind set has kept them in the state of being poor’

being poor is a mind set,its an attitude that need to be eradicated

If you want to eliminate poverty, there are certain things you need to work on which are listed here below.

1.Not Taking Risk

What is Risk?

Is the act or fact of doing something that involves danger or risk in order to achieve a goal Starting a business always involves some risk-taking.

Not taking risk has been the major reason while most people today have remain in one place/stage of their life. thereby making them live in delusion, and thinking things one day will become good, i.e leaving your life to chance.

Not taking risk in life put you at the verge of losing, there are thousands of opportunity that are waiting to be explored if only you can take some risk and face your fears.

majority of us are leaving with fear of the unknown,this has stopped us from taking some bold steps, which has made us to be runing around a circle.

The best way to stay out of poverty,is to take the bull at its head and run with it, not minding what people would say about you, because the fear of poverty is the beginning of taking risk.

2.Not Having A Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

The worst thing to do here on earth, would be for you to live without having a plan for your life.

having a plan for yourself acts as a tracking tools for your performance, and it can’t be over emphasised.

By failing to plan your life, you are preparing to fail

Planning your life gives you control , If you create a plan, then you get to make a choice and decisions, rather than leaving things up to chance

3. Indiscipline

Indiscipline is a word use when one is not firm with his or her decision thereby bring you to say a thing and not stand with what you have said.

And this act has brought about we not be accountable for what we say and the things we do.

For Example you give yourself target of saving 500 hundred in a period of six months, and at the end of six month, you find yourself with just 20 thousand, what has happened here is a sign of indiscipline.

Indiscipline brings about you not meeting up to your responsibilities, and your set target.

Note: indiscipline cover’s all area of life, and it need to be word upon

If you would excel in life, you must do a way with any form of Indiscipline.

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