Ways to make your man committed to you

14 Ways to Make Your Man Committed To You

Ways to make your man committed to you

14 ways to make your man committed to you, is a must learn for every woman out

Let’s Talk about some ‘commitment-building’ tactics.

1.Be Decisive (Commit To a decision)

Everyone has their indecisive moments,but this type of behaviour can be draining.if you are the type of woman who relies on her man to choose everything from where to go for dinner to what to wear on a date, then he’s going to either get bored of your indecisiveness,or become annoyed by it.

2.Small Surprises

men often say they hate surprise, but that simply isn’t true. As long as the surprises aren’t over the top ordeals that put him in an awkward situation i.e surprise parties),then he truly will appreciate his lady taking the time to do something thoughtful for him.

if you want to try to surprise your man,consider making a nice dinner,picking up his favourite beer,or even stashing cute love notes in his lunch bag. women loves the big dramatic,romantic gestures,but men would rather get theirs on a smaller scale.

3.Be Punctual

Being on time for someone is a sign of respect, so if you have plans to meet your man somewhere,then be there when you say you will

There is very rarely an acceptable excuse for being late;in fact, you should aim to arrive 10 minutes ahead of time so that unexpected delays don’t affect your schedule.

4.Have a Life Without Him (very Important!)

In the beginning of a romantic relationship it’s easy to get swept away by infatuation and wanting to spend all of your free time with your lover.

you should never lose yourself to your relationship.As much as your man may openly admit he loves spending time with you, its important to make it known that you have a life outside of the relationship.


there’s nothing worse than when a woman pushes her friends, family,and hobbies to the side to make room for a man, so find a happy medium and make the most of life.

your man will miss you more when you’re not around,so go out with your gal pals, sign up for that class, or take a weekend to yourself;you’ll be sure to have his attention when you return.

5.keep Arguments Private

No matter how angry or upset you may be with your man, you should never scream at him, belittle him,or call him names, especially if you’re in public. the only way to have a healthy argument with your partner is to keep it private.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re at a party or in a shopping mall, you shouldn’t argue if there’s an audience.Arguing in front of others is not only humiliating,but it’s also extremely disrespectful.

6.Drop the Drama

Women have a greater tendency to be dramatic over the little things, which is why it’s important to learn how to not not sweat the small stuff. whether your man is late getting home from work or leaves his dirty socks on the bathroom floor,calmly address problem as they arise than throwing a fit of rage.

This doesn’t just speak to your relationship, but your life as a whole. Dig deep and get grounded,practices calmness,kindness, and patience. Men admire a woman that they can relax around.

7. Be Playful

There’s nothing men love more than to be able to laugh and joke around with their partner.Besides, who doesn’t love a good laugh? No matter how stressful your days job maybe or how many errands you have to run in one day, always make time to be playful with one another.

Tease your man, wrestle him, and let your guard down. sharing this kind of vulnerability with your partner is not only a great way to connect on a deeper level, but it’ll also make your man realize how lucky he is to have a friend in you.

8. Don’t Need to Be Right

There’s no bigger turnoff than the need to always be right, so don’t do it. sure, its okay to correct your man from time to time, but if you obsess over proving your point and putting him down,you’re only going to sabotage the relationship.

It’s one thing to express yourself and show off how amazingly smart you are,it’s another to belittle him or make him feel stupid. at the end of the day the goal is to be happy together,so know when to prove yourself and when to let it slide.

9.Don’t Obsess Over Your Looks

Am major misconception is that your man expects you to look like an airbrushed magazine model.

In fact,most men find it unattractive when their lady spend too much time obsessing about her looks and caking on the makeup.

You also shouldn’t complain to him about you wishing you were ten pounds lighter or two inches taller, and don’t compare yourself to other women.

it can be tough at times,but do your best to master your insecurities and just be you, the beautiful soul he fell for. if there are parts of your body that you would like to improve,then do it for yourself, and properly

10.Be Reliable

Let your man know that he can count on you.A thought that every man has when considering committing to a woman is ” Can i depend on her?”

Every successful relationship requires an unspoken promise to be there for one another. if you have a habit of making promise you can’t keep or saying you’ll do things that you won’t,he is going to have a hard time trusting you to be there when he needs you.be a woman of your word.

11.Be Supportive

Whether your man wants to continue his education, pursue a new career, or starts an 80s hair metal band, support him in his ventures. one of the quickest ways to lose your man is by putting down his dreams, so even if they’re not realistic, let him know you’ve got his back.

The most powerful bond you cn make with your man is based on support for one another’s wants and needs. if his plans interfere with your long-term goals, then sit down and discuss the direction you’re headed in as a couple. regardless of what he’s striving for, always be his biggest fan.

12.Be Appreciative

You’d be amazed how much a simple ”Thank You” means to your man.As couples get comfortable with one another and the small gestures that used to be a bog deal becomes the norm, it’s common for couples to forget to show their appreciation.

Make a conscious effort t thank your man for making dinner,doing the dishes,or holding the door open. he’ll be grateful for your appreciation and happy that you still recongize his efforts.they may not always show it, but men love to be appreciated.

13.Trust Him (Very Important!)

If you feel like you’re constantly playing detective or checking in on your man every few hours,then chances are you have some trust issues. in order to be in a happy, committed relationship it’s crucial that your man knows you trust him. And remember. actions speak louder than words.

no man wants t tie himself down t someone who is going to harass them about his where about or the company he keeps. instead, know that he wants to be with you, and move on happily together

If your man gives you reason to not trust him, then confront him about it and,if need be,cut him loose; there’s no point in wasting your time on a relationship that lacks trust. but unless he proves otherwise, your man should be a person you love and trust, and he should know it.

14. Love Unconditionally

Through thick and thin,good times and bad, you must love your man if you want him to commit to you. just think , why would anyone want to share their life with someone who loves them based on a set of limitations?

Every relationships experience its highs and lows, but its during the low phases that your love shines brightest. even if your man spills red wine on the carpet,bleaches your favourite shirt,or has one too many shots at the bar,your love should continue to radiate, unconditionally.

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